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blinkie_blanks's Journal

Blinkie Blanks ` !
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i have no idea how im going to categorize the entries in the memories for easier findings....ideas are surely welcome...just post em.

aaaaaannny suggestions are MORE than welcome. i can tend to forget lots of things. heh <3
or if someones bored you can make the comm an icon too. woo. heh. have fun!

What This Community Is For

&; Hate direct linkers? Me too. Friends Only Please.
&; Blinkies Only. No glitter names, dolls, or anything that's not a blinkie.
&; Either sharing, or using the members as a resource to find a specific blank, if there is one.
&; Please, do NOT take other people's exclusives/originals and make blanks without their permission to edit, AND repost them. I just don't do drama.
&; Know of a site with many blinkie blanks? Feel free to share, as long as it's okay with the website's maintainer.
&; Same with blinkie makers (websites not people). Can't make blinkie blanks without a blinkie maker
&; Please do not promote your community here. If you would like to be linked in the info, thats excellent. Just post with your community name and a button and we'll link ya. Be modest when posting your community button.
&; Don't be afraid to post. This is for everyone to have fun and have help with. If someone is rude and/or mean to you, I'll kill them. No ifs ands or buts. Ha

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